Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

One of the biggest points in favor of joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the sheer number of members who have had extraordinary success using the techniques and strategies taught in their courses.

In this post I thought I’d go through a few examples of how the program has helped me, along with thousands of other of my fellow members. It seems new people are posting their own results every week! Click here to read more Wealthy Affiliate success stories from http://affiliate-101.com. THey also have a great review of Wealthy Affiliate that you might want to check out as well!

My Story of Success with Wealthy Affiliate University

success storiesFirst, let’s start with my own story. I first found Wealthy Affiliate about a year and a half ago. Due to some unexpected “job changes” I was facing at the time, I decided to look for an extra source of income, and wanted to try my hand at building a business online.

At first, my thought was to simply augment my income and I thought if I could start earning a few hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars a month extra, it would go a long way towards helping me pay down some of my debt and get my financial life back on track.

I knew going in that this isn’t something that I could do overnight, and I was prepared to commit to the long haul, as long as I found a business model that could work.

However, I was also fairly skeptical, since I know there are tons of make money online scams out there, and I was hesitant to purchase anything by any self-proclaimed guru trying to teach me THE SECRET to success online. I reasoned that most of those gurus’ secret is that you pay them to earn a fortune telling you next to nothing!

When I found WA, I was immediately impressed by the community, and found that the information provided in the free course was enough to get me started. But, I wanted more, so I signed up for the premium membership and decided to commit to 6-12 months of working on my business.

I’m not going to lie: it sure wasn’t an easy road. It took nearly 3 months before I earned my first few dollars, and even then it was more like an extra tank of gas than a real income supplement.

But, I persisted, and as I kept building out my business, my income began to grow steadily. It was somewhat inconsistent for the first few months, but soon became stable and reliable. Not only that, but it continue to grow, on average, at 20-50% a month!

So, within a year I was making not just a few hundred dollars extra as I’d hoped, but a real full-time income!

I was able to quit my job, and now live a life on my terms. This program is what made it all possible, by giving me the fundamental skills I needed in order to build a profitable website, and ultimately a long term business!


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