Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? What To Know About Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

wealthy affiliate scamOne of the biggest problems with trying to learn internet marketing, and affiliate marketing in particular, is that there are a ton of scams and fake “opportunities” out there trying to prey on people looking for a real way to earn money online.

Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate University is not one of those companies! However, there are still some Wealthy Affiliate complaints floating around out there, and I wanted to take this post to address them and talk about why people who make Wealthy Affiliate scam claims don’t really understand what the program really is.

My Thoughts On Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Firstly, I want to be honest that WA is by no means the perfect program. I don’t even know what the perfect program would look like. That said, I do believe it is a very good program, and is one that has helped me to make a full time income online.

wealthy affiliate complaintsFrom my perspective (and having been a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community for well over a year now), the overwhelming majority of the members are extremely positive about the training and community atmosphere provided.

Before you join, you see that positive support crop up in a number of affiliate review sites, and it’s understandable if you’re a bit leery of believing many them. What you don’t see before you join, however, is the sheer volume of people who have success and post about it in the members area. There’s no selfish motivation behind people who write how WA has changed their lives to other people in the community. They’re not trying to sell anything, just give an honest glimpse at what this program really means to them. Here’s one example of the many success stories that crop up within the community on a weekly basis.

I’ve also written more about Wealthy Affiliate success stories in this post.

What About the Wealthy Affiliate Scam Claims?

So, what about the complaints? Is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam?

Absolutely not.

In my view the complaints you see are fairly exaggerated, and if you dig into them you realize that the person either a) didn’t understand the program, or b) gave up to soon and didn’t stick it out long enough to see success.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. You will not make money overnight, and you will not magically make money without putting in the time and effort to get there.

Instead, Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to the training, tools, and support you need in order to have a realistic chance of succeeding online. No, success isn’t guaranteed. It’s just far more probable than it would be without the training.

I feel (and have always felt) that the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, are very transparent about the services and training they provide. As a member of the community, you can reach out to them directly when you have questions, which is something that is extremely rare when it comes to online marketing trainings. Can you imagine purchasing a Clickbank product and then calling up the owner to ask questions!?!

Furthermore, Kyle is very clear even in the free training that in order to be successful online you’re going to have to work at it for several months. He states that if you don’t want to commit for a year, you probably shouldn’t be in the business in the first place, because this platform is about learning to build a long term business.

Most people that fail and complain about the program do so because they didn’t make money in the first month or two. If you’re realistic and know what to expect, that won’t happen to you, and you’ll be way more likely to achieve success!


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